Cryogen Dispenser
It saves about 80% on Cryogen costs
The Candela Laser Cryogen Dispenser enables you to refill the gas spray coolant (DCD spray) for Gentlelase Plus, Gentle Pro, GentleYag Pro, GentleMax Pro, Vbeam Perfecta, Smoothbeam, Cryogen Dispenser also enables you to refill Cool Tube Cryogen for CoolTouch lasers Varia, CT3 Plus, CoolLipo, CTEV, VariaBreeze, Trio, and also Quantel Medical Aramis Cooling Cartridge.
Price: $1,500.00 comes with a 2 year warranty and Easy Use Instructions. Usually ships in 1 day. Units can last 10-20 years if used properly.
Shipping Options
- Domestic: Free 2 day Express
- Overnight: extra $75.00
- International: $250.00
THREE FACTS the Laser manufacturers and Cryogen resellers don't want you to know about:
Laser manufacturers cannot legally force you to buy their overpriced cryogen by threatening to void your warranty.
Refilling cryogen canisters is NOT illegal. Transporting them after you refill them is illegal.
All cryogen produced in the US is technically pharmaceautical grade--so it is misleading when cryogen resellers claim that their cryogen is somehow more effective or safer than others.
Nevertheless, to go the extra mile, the Cryogen Transfer Dispenser has a patented filtration system that purifies the gas one step further!
The Concept of Cryogen Dispenser
Finally, an invention that enables practitioners to keep a lot more of their profits. This Patented Cryogen Transfer Dispenser serves three primary purposes. It saves about 80% on Cryogen costs, it eliminates countless disposals of containers into the environment and it further purifies the cryogen through a patented filtration system. Most clinics will recoup the $1500 cost in a few weeks.

We don't sell any 30 lbs. containers, but you can find them online. A 30 lbs. container typically fills up twelve to fourteen of your 1000 gram containers. Using the unit is simple and anyone in your office can do it. You hook up the hoses, open the valve, come back a few minutes later and your container is full.
The original idea
"I only wish I'd known about this invention a long time ago; I've saved countless thousands using The Cryogen Transfer Dispenser and I highly recommend using it!"
- Michael Johnson, MD; Facs. -
I've heard Dr. Johnson's and 1,000 others' praises for my invention over and over again! I actually invented the Cryogen Transfer Dispenser out of my own frustration about the ridiculous cost of Cryogen--It was literally eating my profits alive. Now that I'm paying $80 per 12 containers of purified cryogen, I have saved over $60k in four years. With the economy heading toward a recession, we need all the savings we can get.
After working with engineers developing the Cryogen Transfer Dispenser and studying about this harmless gas--and experiencing not one problem in three years of using it--I realized that laser manufacturers and cryogen resellers said many things throughout the years to prevent this device from being invented and made available. This is because they profit immensely by filling them for us.
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